SAT Section 1 – Mathematics

Mathematics, which is also known as the Quantitative Section or the Calculation Section consists of 3 sections, two 25-minute tests and one 20-minute test. The 20-minute test consists of a total of 16 multiple choice questions.  The questions include advanced math concepts such as Basic Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and Advanced Algebra. Questions will form around favorite triangles, fractions, decimals and percentages.

The first 25-minute section consist of 20 multiple-choice questions. The second 25-minute test has a total of 8 multiple-choice questions and 10 Grid-in questions. The 10 Grid-in questions allow you to have a more natural math response than the usual multiple choice questions. With this scoring system, you are supposed to fill in the grid with 4 boxes and a column of ovals below every box.

Calculators are allowed for the SAT math test but only the 4-function scientific and graphing calculators. Calculators with a ‘QWERTY’ keyboard and calculators on laptops, organizers and mobile devices are not allowed.

The average score for the SAT Mathematics section is 515 points.