SAT Section 2 – Critical Reading

Critical Reading is divided into 3 sections as well, two of which are 25-minutes long and one which is only 20 minutes. The Critical Reading section generally tests your ability to understand long and short passages by asking you complete sentences within the passage.

You are being tested on your vocabulary and grammar in various subjects such as physical science, humanities, social science and required to determine the meanings of words, the main idea, making inferences and evaluating the writer’s main arguments or objectives. You are also required to compare passages and answer questions according to the passages.
There are two main categories for this test, one is the sentence completion test, which ranges from a total of 5-8 questions, and reading comprehension.  You may want to complete your sentence completion questions first as the reading comprehension takes more time to complete. Also all questions are scored equally, despite the level of difficulty. The average score for Critical Reading is 501 points.