Yoga is a practice that many men and women around the world enjoy. It has a lot benefits to the person including health and mental awareness. However, yoga also helps people relieve their stress and here are some of the poses you can do to achieve it.

yoga workout class

1. Breath clean

Stress often changes our breathing pattern or makes it difficult for us to breath. Therefore, when you join Yoga Singapore, you’ll learn the channel-breathing. This is the most basic step in order for a person to prepare for the formal yoga practice.

2. Child’s Pose

This pose is also a basic and popular calming pose that anyone can do. The pose eases the person’s stressful thoughts by relieving the nervous system from stress. Start by kneeling on your mat with legs together, hinge your chest forwards, and then curl shoulders and let your palm rest.

3. Standing Forward Bend

This pose is also a preparatory pose to almost every practice you make. This calms your nervous system too while you stretch your lower body, especially the thighs and hips.

4. Lay flat

This is also known as the corpse pose. In here, you put your body into full rest and relaxation. Make sure to take slow breaths in order to lower your blood pressure. This will also relax your nervous system which is also affected by your stress.

5. Bend by seating forward

This is also taught to you when you join yoga Singapore. The aim of the seated forward bend pose is to distract your mind from the stressful thoughts you are thinking. It allows you to focus on making sure that your hamstring is correctly stretched.

With these benefits, it’s great to start practicing yoga now. Make sure to give your body the rest and stretch it deserves with these simple yoga poses.